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Aaron Swartz Memorial Hackathon: ATX - #AaronSwHackATX

Aaron Swartz Memorial Hackathon: ATX - #AaronSwHackATX
42 hrs: Fri Nov 8 @ 7pm til Sun Nov 10 @ 1pm
ATX Hackerspace: 9701 Dessau Rd, Suite 304, Austin, Texas 78754

Within weeks of Aaron's death in January of 2013, 20 hackerspaces, schools, and libraries organized Aaron Swartz Memorial Hackathon events all over the world. In our collective shock and grief, we came together to console ourselves, remember Aaron, and to work on important problems ranging all the way from open access advocacy to a database refactor.

Inspired by the work he did and the people he touched, recurring hackathons at locations all over the world are being organized in memory of Aaron Swartz. The next set will be synchronized on the weekend of November 8-10, 2013. The event will bring together the varied communities that Aaron touched to figure out how the important problems of the world connect, and to share the load of working on those problems.

Half a year later, we still feel an immense shock and loss. The world Aaron helped shape is still far from open and we must honor Aaron's legacy by working together to change that.

Join us at the fabulous ATX Hackerspace from 7pm Friday 11/8 until 1pm Sunday 11/10, to work for 42 hours on projects that would honor Aaron Swartz' dream of truly open access and strengthen Austin's already impressive hacker community.

Although any project in the spirit of Aaron's work is welcome, these seem to have migrated to the top of the list:
* tor2web and jot2tor
* Fork the Law
* Archiving Aaron's writings
* Mailpile
* Prosecutorial Overreach/Underreach
* Transparency Toolkit
* Restore the Fourth
& * SecureDrop ...already launched, posthumously:

here is a more extensive list of project ideas...

And don't just take our word for it... here's what Cory Doctorow has to say about this world-wide event:

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