Minister of Free Inquiry (aethyrflux) wrote,
Minister of Free Inquiry

...perhaps a spot of tea?

i have deep respect for the discipline & flow of tea ceremony

the tea ceremony in drawing restraint 9 is one of my personally favorite sequences on film

yet, i also feel deep reverence for the tea ceremony of Mai Ueda

no discussion of tea ceremony would be complete without contemplation of films such as these

but like @ 54:04 of this curious quest, you may also ask... what is the connection between tea, taoism, shinto, buddhism, zen & wabi sabi?

and as with the chiasm of the quartered circle, i will agree with the sentiment that "<they're/it's> the same thing"

perhaps it is time for toriawase?

ultimately, i want to contribute to the design of digital tea ceremony, which seems like quite an excellent syncretic system for integrating comparative meditative/spiritual practices

here's the start of a tea wiki

and a Tea Ceremony Saijiki

a good visual/spatial map, with architectural references

for poetic counterpoint, please consider the link & shift functions of Renku, through season words (Gomei & Kigo)

what sort of regional variations can we contribute?

oh, and the encyclopediae...
there are so many excellent reference books out there!

Chado the Way of Tea: A Japanese Tea Master's Almanac
By Sasaki Sanmi

Chanoyu no mei daihyakka / [kanshū Arima Raitei, Inahata Teiko, Tsutsui Hiroichi].

Cha-No-Yu: The Japanese Tea Ceremony
by A. L. Sadler

Japan and the Culture of the Four Seasons: Nature, Literature, and the Arts
By Haruo Shirane

I find these documents rather compelling...
Deportment for the Praxis of Tea, according to the Enshû School

and clearly, I still have much to learn
by Tim Cross
Tea Teachings as Power: Questioning Legitimate Authority
Chapter 07, Page 179-180
"Although tea and Zen are argued by many to be unified, and despite the Zen
emphasis on having your own experience, life inside the grand master
system does not necessarily make it easy to find your own way. As an
authentic student of tea, I pay to be taught. I pay to be taught what
to see: I see what I am taught"
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