"contextual normalcy:" mental health in review... now with life-affirming processes!

While I was in SF, I enjoyed attending a Machine Learning and UX Meetup, regarding the <https://www.feminist.ai/privacypolicy> project concerning "contextual normalcy" ...it occurred to me that this concept, taken to its logical extension, has the potential to actually be *miraculously therapeutic* towards what Durkheim regarded as "anomie:" a mismatch or absence of integration with societal norms (which can lead to feelings of alienation, purposelessness, depression & suicide). It's been notoriously challenging to find effective treatments for something that has such far-reaching implications & deep systemic decay that it has created a prevalent & "significant discrepancy between the ideological theories and values commonly professed and what was actually achievable in everyday life." What possibilities can we think of for us to work towards contextualizing a diversity of cultural norms so that we can stand together on a more stable & mutually respectful socio-economic foundation in the modern intersectional space?


Contextual Normalcy is a research project which started in the Spring of 2019 that uses community created questions with crowdsourced data to find emergent / unknown patterns in thinking about feelings and normalcy.

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Mike's Medical Journey Updates: Daenerys Targaryen and Me Sitting In A Tree..

No April Fool's joke, here... just strange irony? Since we were teenagers, Mike Smith has been known as "The Beast" ...and apparently, he shares a rare condition with the Mother of Dragons... a subarachnoid hemorrhage, brain bleed similar to the one that Emilia Clarke suffered during the filming of the first season of Game Of Thrones... and just as she has risen out of the ashes to conquer the world, you can see here that The Beast walks again, due to our continued crowdfunding for his healthcare!

Mike's Medical Journey Updates - March 21 at 7:34 PM ·
These are my first steps in three years, since a brain hemorrhage made me a quadriplegic. I'm able to take these steps thanks entirely to your support! I am recovering from a subarachnoid hemorrhage, brain bleed similar to the one that Emilia Clarke suffered during the filming of the first season of Game Of Thrones. Fifty percent of us die on the way to the hospital. In this video my amazing PTA, Todd Later (AKA The Spine whisperer) helped me take my first steps and is helping me recover my ability to walk! I got so excited! First steps! Your love and support has given me this gift. Unfortunately, I will run out of funds to work with Todd and the other fine folks at Brookdale Westlake next week unless I can get more donation support. Each day costs $350. I hate asking for help but this means everything. Find out how to help in the link below.