Minister of Free Inquiry (aethyrflux) wrote,
Minister of Free Inquiry

Sunday! Sunday!! Sunday!!!

_The Tri-Cult "Interfaith" Devival_
from noon until 2am on this Sunday, July 6th, 2008
located @ VICE aka Fascination St. (304 6th, just East of San Jacinto), Austin, TX 78701

featuring Live Music, Ranting, Transmedia Infotainment, Midnight Marriages, and more...

For advance tickets, go to:

Yes, this event is 14 hours long, it's inside, and AIR-CONDITIONED!
Breakfast & Dinner Catering by Ararat Mid-East Fusion
Massive Sound provided by Big Medicine
Merchandise tables from Thunder Puppet, Pop Noir, & Gomi

Live Music by:
John Gomi
Space Bunnies Must Die!
Destroyed for Comfort
Two Saturdays
Furby Youth Choir
Swarm of White Kids
We will have multiple DJs of extreme variety all throughout the day!
And surprise guests...

So, what the Hell is the devival, you ask?
Well, you might as well ask what is fnord...
But, since you enquired:

The Devival is almost but not entirely unlike:
a fridge magnet poetry slam, -isms, Nuremberg,
fjords, The Warren Commission, a bris, maximum
horsepower, consumer sacrifice, Ash Wednesday,
Disneyland, The Rape of Nanking, Twin Peaks, a
parking lot carnival, Genosha, V.A.L.I.S, file
13, an experimental rock show, First Thursday,
the objective correlative, The Stanford Prison
Experiment, Woodstock, Pee-Wee's Playhouse, My
First Cavity Search, watching paint dry, black
and green scarecrows, the Rainbow Gathering, A
Bridge Too Far, bacon, Reaganomics, The Spirit
of the Hindenberg, bacon, the Sopranos series
finale, Tony Snowjobs, Thermopylae, tyranny of
the majority, vainglorious white liberal guilt
sacrelicious slushy, an effervescent elephant,
Night of the Long Knives, Caligula, Tourette's
Syndrome and other barbarous tongues, the five
lone gunmen, fnorking, LARPing with furries, a
whorehouse in Prague, Soylent Green, the Long,
Dark Tea-Time of the Soul, MILF & Cookies, the
Rites of Springtime in Fallujah, Kafka's right
hook, The Night Gallery, cricket, bats, bungee
jumping the shark, apotheosis, your mom, kuru,
Ripley's Believe Shit or Not, Burning Man: The
High Cost of Low Prices, trained professionals
and monkeys, outsourcing yourself, THX-1138, a
swelling itching brain, faded glory holes, gun
for the whole family, reading with 3D glasses,
skullfucking for fun and profit, pants, outlet
malls for the seedy underbelly of the Id, that
ringinginginginginginging ininin yourour ears,
turtles... turtles... all the way down!, those
damned dirty apes, transmedia edutainment, the
Phantom Zone, this space intentionally left ,
the Little Engine That Could blow your mind, a
prosthetic forehead, that which can't be named
I Don't Like Mondays, potted meat, bellybutton
lint crochet, cellphone slavery, the letter P,
a virus with shoes,

For further inspiration, here's some background info for The Tri-Cult "Interfaith" Devival:

A few Discordian resources:
The Discordian Coloring Book
Discordian entry @ wikipedia
& The Classical Greek Eris

Some Subgenius resources:
Here's the webpage for the "Official" Church of the Subgenius Devival
The Church of the Subgenius entry @ wikipedia

Various Cthulhoid resources:
Here's the lj post about the the Cthulhu Devival during BF05
My Collection of Lovecraftian Lore
Lovecraftian horror entry @ wikipedia

Tags: "bob", burn culture, discordian, lovecraft, turtle
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